We are experts in the execution and implementation of HMI/SCADA solutions using the Wonderware software package.

Our SCADA programmers have carried out a multitude of tasks for our clients, including:


We develop critical systems integrated in LabView,
analysing all processes in real time.

Thanks to project development, we advise, design and implement systems with assistance in
24/7 from our technical department.


SENTINEL is a tool capable of analysing up to 32 channels of high-speed real-time variables such as voltages, currents, temperature, vibrations and irradiance, which are sent and stored as a black box.

Thanks to its 4-core computer system, it is able to perform THD calculations in compliance with IEC standards.

SENTINEL is designed to detect, record and report:

Real Time Analysis

We work with real-time analysis from our SENTINEL equipment telematically, performing analysis almost immediately once it is collected. Our customers can view, analyse and understand their system data in real time.

In addition, real-time analytics provides information to make decisions in real time. This makes it possible to draw conclusions from the data and react without the usual delays.