We have been developing integration systems, power control, dynamic filters, monitoring and analysis systems. We direct and coordinate all our industrial research projects carried out in cooperation between companies and R&D agents, both public and private, in order to respond to the challenges presented and requested over the last 15 years.

Product development

All our projects begin with the integration of a process with a series of stages, procedures and designs that are interrelated and coordinated using a methodology adapted to the reality of each project to be developed.


FAT and SAT tests are two types of acceptance tests that we carry out to finalise the manufacturing process of a product, which verify whether the equipment or system in question is functioning properly and whether it meets all the established specifications.

FAT testing is performed at the supplier's premises before shipment to the customer, based on pre-defined parameters related to functionality, performance and quality.

The SAT tests are intended to ensure that the product or system is functioning correctly at the first start-up and to verify that it meets all requirements in terms of functionality and performance. SAT testing also includes all the necessary training of the technical personnel in charge of handling this type of solution.

Network Studies

POWER2U collaborates with technology centres to support grid studies in various countries in order to integrate renewable energies into the electricity grid. To this end, simulations are carried out in different languages (ETAP, DigSilent, PSSE).