Power Control

Development of Power Systems Development

POWER2U has been developing power control systems such as photovoltaic inverters, STATCOM, active filters, as well as supporting reactive power compensation systems and substation commissioning for 15 years.

Our main objectives in the control industry are:


POWER2U provides assistance in Power Plant Control (PPC) with both national and international grid codes, giving technical and training support to operators for the correct injection of active and reactive power into the grid in compliance with the grid codes marked according to the country.

We have experience in the European and American markets in both photovoltaic and wind power plants at medium and high voltage.


We are currently in the production and testing phase of a 500KVA STATCOM system with DC line connection for battery charging and hybrid green hydrogen systems.

The system has the modular versatility of up to 1200KVA making it adaptable to any type of need and/or project.

DC/DC converters

In order to adapt the DC voltage levels of an electrolyser, POWER2U is collaborating with technology centres to develop a 500kVA DC/DC converter to inject clean energy into the grid through green hydrogen. To this end, we are working in collaboration with leading electrolyser organisations.